Performance Testing

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Looking to drop 1% , 5%, or more from your finish times? Test your gear and your body to GET FASTER.



(e.g. VLamax)

How much should you consume per hour in order to maintain your performance? How is your endurance improving over time? Using the analysis software trusted by Jan Frodeno's coach, Team Bora-Hansgrohe, and more, you'll have data to maximize the benefits of your training and optimize your racing.



(e.g. VO2 max)

How do real-world conditions affect the calories you're burning? What run pace and cycling power can you sustain for 1 hour, 2 hours, 5 hours? With the first-ever portable breath analysis device, we can measure your oxygen usage (e.g. VO2 max) and true fuel consumption in realtime!



(e.g. CdA)

Which helmet is the fastest? How many minutes will you save in an Ironman with that new tri suit? Using the Chung method and regression software I wrote myself, we can find your fastest gear setup in a fun afternoon at the velodrome. Join the list of Kona and 70.3 Worlds qualifiers who have relied on this data!

Physiological and Metabolic

Power testing (e.g. FTP and CP) continues to be the gold standard for determining an athlete's performance potential. However, within the power range of easy to threshold (and above), individuals vary greatly in their energy consumption. Physiological and metabolic testing using INSCYD and PNOÊ will allow you to know more precisely, based on estimates and measurements of VO2, VCO2, VLamax, aerobic power, glycolytic power, etc.), how many calories you need to consume and what power/pace caps you need to assume during the bike and run legs of a triathlon.


Aero Testing

Bring the gear you want to test to the velodrome and we'll do A/B testing to estimate its drag. The aerodynamics of clothing (especially helmets) are very specific to each person and thus hard to reason about without testing. With this data, 2 of my clients have qualified for Kona and 3 have qualified for 70.3 Worlds.

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