What you're getting with all plans:

  • membership in TriForce Triathlon Team, 2nd in the Americas and 4th in the world in Ironman's TriClub Rankings
  • a training plan customized for your experience level, goals, and schedule
  • feedback from someone who knows what it takes to drop 5 hours from an Ironman finishing time
  • guidance for crossing your first finish line, qualifying for the World Championships, and everything in between!
  • contact by email, phone, text, video chat, and, if you're local to the Bay Area, in person!

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I load your training in 2 week blocks.  You check in weekly and ask unlimited questions via email.   This option works well for clients who are proactive and communicate well.

$129 / month


I load your training in 3-6 week blocks.  I check in with you weekly, adjusting the big picture of your season and planning as changes happen.  I read your training logs weekly and provide unlimited email contact.

$179 / month


I load your training in 3-6 week blocks, but also customize your schedule throughout the week as needed.  I check in daily and get notifications of every workout you complete, usually responding directly to each.

$299 / month